Business representative

Face to face


Junior college




3-5 years

Post description:

Job requirements


1, spiritual, savvy, age 18-25, men and women, hard work, strong learning ability, ambition, want to develop and improve their priorities, the graduates and veterans are given priority.

2, treatment: irresponsible base salary 3000+ commission + bonus + development space + free training (bonus week)

3, the company provides free accommodation (dormitory air conditioning, water heater complete) company provides paid training.

If you think you do it, you do it! The company is always on the road to scientific development, we never advocate success, we always believe in "seed melon, beans get beans, a plough a harvest" truth. The company mainly deals with the promotion and sales of environmental protection products. All the colleagues in the green forest are working on our dream every day with our hard work sweat. When people are sleeping, leisure, we are still struggling for our dreams.

The company always believes that only those who are not recruited will be trained.