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Nuoao (Fujian) Co., Ltd. is located in the green household items Changtai County, Fujian Province Economic Development Zone, the production of advanced functionality nonwoven materials, home textile products (carpet, mat, mats, etc.), vehicle parts wheel covers blankets, finished car mats, carpets and other hotel renovation project five categories of products. Has Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and other countries imported advanced production equipment work, for example FEHRER needle machine, DILO Jacquard, Switzerland spinning machine, stereotypes and other tunnels in Turkey, with acupuncture, Jacquard, spinning, tufting, cover bottom line improvement and other technology, and also has the support of nearly 20 production line (printing production lines, high-definition digital printing production lines, lamination production lines and PVC composite production line), the annual production capacity of 25 million square meters. The company has specialized technical and highly automated facilities to economies of scale so as to have a strong competitive advantage, customers can tailor the best quality products, including waterproof, anti-bacterial, flame retardant, anti-skid functional advanced nonwoven materials, home textile carpets, engineering carpet, car mats and other products to meet specific customer needs.