I am the future and speak for fashion

——2018 (spring) Shenzhen International Home Textile and Home Furnishing Exhibition witnessed upgrading and transformation

What kind of era is this? We never stick to the tradition, nor stick to the past, but we see the extraordinary beauty, which is passed down and flourished.

Today's China's home textile and home furnishing industry is entering a "new era" of improving quality and efficiency, and from big to strong. The people's growing need for a better life and the vast space of industry and market make people's demand for materials more diversified, personalized and three-dimensional. In the face of the incentives and challenges of new consumer changes, Shenzhen International Home Textile and Home Furnishing Exhibition, which has gone through more than 20 years, has become the "Best Platform for Soft Furnishing" to witness and carry in the era of "Soft Furnishing" in China, with its wise vision and strategic excellent deployment, with its dynamic new thinking and profound determination, to create a new development space for China's home textile and home furnishing industry, and to welcome the new pattern in the future!

"I am the future" opens the fashion youth cry



  The 2018 (spring) Shenzhen International Home Textile and Home Furnishing Exhibition will be grandly opened at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on March 7-10. "China's soft clothing looks at Shenzhen". Shenzhen Home Textile and Home Furnishing Exhibition has become the most influential platform for the overall soft clothing selection of soft furniture in China at present. This exhibition gathered exhibitors and buyers from more than 30 countries and regions at home and abroad, and gathered more than 1000 high-quality soft clothing brands, with a grand scale of 130000 square meters, It is a new chapter in the household soft decoration industry, and also becomes the stage for the first show of the industry's cutting-edge forces. The exhibition covers all kinds of themes of large home furnishing, including brand fabric museum, boutique fabric museum, overall home furnishing museum, wall art museum, international fashion museum, smart home furnishing museum, window decoration accessories museum, fabric sunshade museum, gold washing fabric museum and other theme museums, to achieve the integration and sharing of all themes of home furnishing and soft decoration. While acting as a multi-functional and complex exhibition and trade platform, the exhibition will also enter the "new era of soft decoration" with China's home furnishing industry, show the trend of industrial transformation and upgrading of "fashion, innovation and technology", refine the theme of "I am the future", open a new voice of fashion cry, and "innovation" is promoting new life and change.




  In the context of the development of China's soft clothing industry, Shenzhen Home Textile Home Furnishing Exhibition has always carried the responsibility of understanding the development direction of the industry and leading the innovation and transformation of the industry. In the spring exhibition, smart home is no longer a concept at the research and development level, but under the linkage of the home Internet of Things, relying on the new kinetic energy brought by digitalization, informatization and intelligence, it shows the vitality of personalized customization, perfectly opens the scenario-based smart application, and lets you experience the happiness of laziness; To meet the new consumer needs of increasingly personalized and young consumers. At the same time, the sense of design and fashion has also become the theme of exhibitors.






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