There is a carpet at home. How to maintain it daily

Carpet shopping tips

1. Color

The carpet color can be selected according to the size of the indoor area, the distribution of the functional area, the decoration style, the laying environment, the advantages and disadvantages of the daylighting, etc., and the appropriate carpet color can effectively reduce the appearance of dirt when it is not cleaned. Too dark or too bright is easy to show dust, and the intermediate color system, the complex color system, the pattern pattern pattern and the mixed color carpet all have a good effect of covering dirt. Pattern and color are inseparable and have a considerable impact on color. Generally speaking, plain carpet or plain invisible pattern carpet can be directly selected in the room. If conditions permit, it can be trimmed; Large flower-shaped carpets should be selected in public areas.

2. Specification

Measure the size of carpet paving area, and select the carpet width as close as possible according to the size of carpet paving area to minimize carpet loss. The common specifications of woven carpets are 3 meters, 3.66 meters and 4 meters.

3. Type

According to the needs of indoor space, decoration and cleaning, square carpets, full carpets and other carpets can be selected. The advantage of the square blanket is that it can be combined with different colors and patterns; Less paving consumables; Save installation time; Easy to store. Full-spread carpet is a traditional carpet with strong overall sense, diverse colors, rich patterns, beautiful and generous, and a wide range of applications.

■ Tips

Tips for carpet cleaning

If drinks such as coffee, cola or juice are accidentally spilled on the carpet, you can take a dry cloth or a handy tissue to absorb water as soon as possible, and then immediately go to the kitchen to get vinegar. It is better to soak the dry cloth with white vinegar and gently pat it to minimize the impact of stains.

In addition, if you have small pets such as dogs in your home, you can also spray some white vinegar on the carpet with a watering can, which can not only remove the pet's odor, but also effectively prevent the occurrence of carpet discoloration and other problems. After wiping or spraying with vinegar, put the carpet in a ventilated place to dry. If you don't have white vinegar in your home, alcohol is also a good choice. Hurry up and try it.

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